Research Projects

Current Research Projects:

*Ph.D. graduate student position available (inquire about others if interested)

  1. *Active Interrogation Systems
  2. Fast-Neutron Multiplicity Counter (FNMC)
  3. *Handheld Dual-Particle Imager (H2DPI)
  4. *Radioxenon Detection
  5. Nuclear Fission Cross-Correlations and Multiplicities

Past Research Projects:

  1. Advanced Critical and Subcritical Measurements
  2. Monte Carlo Code Development – MCNPX-PoliMi and MPPost Codes
  3. Neutron Spectrum Unfolding
  4. Fission Chain Analysis
  5. Dual-Particle Imager (DPI)
  6. Organic Scintillator Geometry
  7. Organic Scintillator Characterization and Properties
  8. Proton Therapy
  9. Pulse-Shape Analysis & Pulse-Shape Discrimination Techniques
  10. Radiation Dosimetry
  11. Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM)
  12. Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM)
  13. Stochastic Imaging Algorithms: Stochastic Origins Ensembles (SOE)
  14. Temperature Dependence in Organic Scintillators