Undergraduate Students

Mr. Dietrich Klemm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADietrich Klemm is a sophomore undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering. He started working with DNNG as a freshman through the UROP program, and is currently enrolled in an independent research class in order to continue working with the group. He assists with the optimization and development of a dual-particle imaging system.

Ms. Emily King

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEmily King is a sophomore studying Nuclear Engineering. She started working with the group in 2014 as a UROP student and will continue her work on developing a better double pulse rejection technique for pulse shape discrimination purposes in the summer of 2015. She is a recipient of a CVT Undergraduate Fellowship.

Mr. Michael Hua

mhuaMichael Hua is in the class of 2018, studying Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences and Math.  He started working with DNNG in 2016 and has continued to study fast-neutron multiplicity counting.  He is also a CVT undergraduate fellow.




 Mr. Ricardo Lemus

rlopezRicardo Lopez Lemus is an undergraduate student working towards a degree in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. He is assisting Dr. Patricia Schuster in work with documenting the temperature dependence on stilbene when used in neutron detectors.




Ms. Aditi Rajadhyaksha

aditiAditi Rajadhyaksha is an undergraduate student studying Computer Science. She is working on the temperature dependence of the organic scintillator in stilbene project with Dr. Patricia Schuster.