Prof. Sara A. Pozzi

Lab Instructors

Dr. Shaun D. Clarke

NERS 535: Detection Techniques for Nuclear Nonproliferation

This course covers recent techniques for the detection, identification, and characterization of nuclear materials. It includes the study of Monte Carlo simulation with MCNP and MCNP-PoliMi and measurement techniques through experiments with gamma ray and fast neutron sources.

Enrollment is open to seniors and graduate students. Enrollment is typically 20-25 students.

The syllabus can be downloaded here.

Photos from Lab 5 (hands-on experiments in lab 1947) can be seen here.

NERS 554: Radiation Shielding Design

Radiation interacts with matter. Groups design projects in radiation shielding design. The best projects are submitted for publication on journals and at conferences.

The syllabus can be downloaded here.

NERS 532: Nuclear Safeguards

A newly established course that covers description of the history of nuclear safeguards methods, international safeguards policy, and techniques and currently used neutron and gamma ray measurement systems in the areas of nuclear material safeguards.

Students are introduced to the science and technology associated with nuclear safeguards. The students gain a hands-on experience with safeguards instruments through a week-long training course at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Safeguards Laboratory.

The syllabus and flyer can be downloaded here.