• 2019 Idaho National Laboratory Measurement Campaign

    The Handheld Dual Particle Imager measuring a line source of plutonium plates.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Cameron Miller!

  • Delivery of the DNNG Linear Accelerator

    The 9 MeV endpoint linear accelerator was delivered to DNNG in July of 2017 and became operational in May of 2018.

  • 2019 Device Assembly Facility Measurement Campaign

    Michael Hua, Noah Kleedtke and Dr. Shaun Clarke participating in the measurement campaign.

The Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group


The Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group’s (DNNG) interests include the development of new methods for nuclear materials identification and characterization for nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear material control and accountability, and national security programs. These activities have applications in many areas including homeland security, medical imaging, and nuclear fuel cycle monitoring. We are fully committed to the education and professional development of the students that choose to join us or to take our courses. Our research has strong ties to nuclear physics and mathematics, which are always at the basis of our contributions.

Are you interested in conducting research with DNNG? We are always seeking highly-qualified and motivated students to join!


DNNG’s Professor Sara Pozzi is also the Director of the Consortium for Verification Technology