Organic Scintillator Characterization & Properties

Research Focus Areas: 7

Ph.D. Students: M.A. Norsworthy (Graduated)

Collaborators: F.D. Becchetti (Univ. of Michigan)

DD Generator Experiment

In organic scintillators, the amount of scintillation light produced by neutron interactions is a nonlinear function of the energy deposited. The light output function affects every neutron event in both Monte Carlo simulations and the interpretation of experimental data. More accurate light output functions would yield more accurate simulations of detector response, more reliable simulated neutron efficiency, and improve the results obtained when using simulated response matrices for spectrum unfolding. Ultimately, these improvements would benefit the design of detection systems for inspections, treaty verification activities, nuclear material accountancy, and other safeguards programs.

DNNG is working to better characterize the light output functions of various organic scintillators such as EJ-309, deuterated liquid scintillators, stilbene crystal detectors, and the latest plastic scintillators, in collaboration with colleagues in industry and the national lab community.  The work requires careful experiments utilizing techniques such as time-of-flight and coincidence counting as well as robust simulation efforts.  Work is also ongoing on techniques for pulse pile-up rejection and recovery, energy resolution and calibration, and other basic properties of scintillators.

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