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DNNG is excited to announce that Prof. Pozzi will be leading the newly-awarded Consortium for Verification Technology! For more news on this, follow the links below.

U-M hosted historic nuclear nonproliferation workshop

 U-M leads historic nuclear non-proliferation consortium

University to lead new nuclear monitoring coalition



By Prof. Pozzi

The Consortium for Verification Technology held a very successful Kickoff Workshop on October 16 and 17 at the Campus Inn in Ann Arbor, MI. A total of 58 representatives from 13 collaborating universities and 9 national laboratories were present, including 10 CVT fellows (PhD students and post-doctoral researchers). Four representatives from DOE NNSA were also in attendance. The participants are internationally recognized leaders in the field of nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards. The workshop agenda included 26 oral presentation from faculty participants, 9 presentations on the national laboratory capabilities, and 10 poster presentations from the CVT fellows. The CVT represents a 25 M$/5 year investment by DOE to address the pressing needs in nuclear treaty verification and develop the next generation of experts in this field.

Related to CVT efforts, the DNNG held a very successful measurement campaign with our Dual Particle Imager (DPI) at the Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy. Three graduate students participated in the effort. We demonstrated the ability of our DPI to image neutron and photon sources, for both unshielded and shielded plutonium samples. The ability to simultaneously image fast neutrons and gamma rays if of great interest in nuclear nonproliferation applications, including warhead counting.


Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group DPI

 Kyle Polack, Michael Hamel and Alexis Poitrasson-Rivière take measurements with the DPI in Ispra, Italy.

In addition to working in the laboratory, we were able to tour some of the attractions in downtown Milano. The photos show us in the cloister of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church and at the Sforza castle, two great examples of Renaissance architecture.

 Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group in Milano

Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group in Milano

 Matthew Marcath, Prof. Sara Pozzi, Alexis Poitrasson-Rivière, Kyle Polack, Marek Flaska and Michael Hamel visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie church and Sforza castle in Milano.

You can read more information on the group’s activities under the Research tab. Our research portfolio is allowing us to contribute to the solution of current pressing and complex issues in the areas of nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards while training the next generation of experts in this field. We are fully committed to the education and professional development of the students that choose to join us or to take our courses (NERS 590-1 Nuclear Safeguards, NERS 535 Detection Techniques for Nuclear Nonproliferation and NERS 554 Radiation Shielding).

I am looking forward to the semester. If you are interested in working with us please drop us a line. Download our flyer for additional information.

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